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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

Accelerating Rate Calorimeters help industry operate safely and profitably. As highly versatile, miniature chemical reactors, they measure thermal and pressure properties of exothermic chemical reactions. The resulting information helps engineers and scientists identify potential hazards and address key elements of process safety design including emergency relief systems, effluent handling, process optimization, and thermal stability.

The patented VariPhi™ option enables for all Accelerating Rate Calorimeter / Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimeter systems (ARC®/APTAC®) DSC like performance in the scanning mode: exotherms, endotherms and heat capacity plus pressure data.

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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244
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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244

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Product Details:
ApplicationIndustrial, Laboratory

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC® 244), formerly known as TIAX ARC 3000, is designed to safely measure the amount and rate of heat release associated with the processing or storage of chemicals.

This information is vital in developing and evaluating processes to ensure safe operation and to prevent thermal runaway which can have devastating effects.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC® 244) technology is integral to designing inherently safer batteries as well as measuring energetic materials used in such products as explosives, propellants, and air bags.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Tube heater reduces heat losses due to reflux
  • Windows XP™ operating system standard
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lift mechanism for calorimeter top
  • Experimental wizards for easy test set-up
  • Power Compensation Module (optional)
  • Increased safety and interlock features

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ARC-244
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Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimeter
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Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimeter

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APTAC® 264 takes the testing of chemical reactivity a step forward by enabling the user to acquire much faster temperature and pressure rise data than did the earlier designs.

The instrument can function as:

  • High-performance closed-cell adiabatic calorimeter
  • High-temperature and high-pressure reaction calorimeter
  • Open test cell from which effluent can be discharged and analyzed for emergency relief system studies using the DIERS methodology of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The precision and accuracy of APTAC® 264 test results help companies in scaling up process designs to production scale by:

  • Providing actual temperature and pressure data for use in kinetic modeling
  • Validating predicted chemical reactions and scenarios
  • Confirming predicted events following the activation of an emergency relief system
  • Directly measuring physical property data of complex mixtures

APTAC® 264 can be used for the thermal analysis of solid or liquid chemicals or for gas/liquid, liquid/liquid, gas/solid, and liquid/solid mixtures. It can also be used for process simulation of batch and semi-batch reactions, fire exposures, emergency relief venting, and physical properties measurement.

It offers a new degree of accuracy in reactivity data for chemical manufacturing industries, including organic chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine organics, polymers and plastics, and explosive highenergy materials.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: APTAC-264
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Isothermal Battery Calorimeter
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Isothermal Battery Calorimeter

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IBC 284 – Isothermal Battery CalorimeterA Crucial Tool for Thermal Management of Battery Packs

The new instrument is designed to test the performance and safety of energy storage devices such as large format lithium ion batteries used extensively in electric vehicles and airplanes, as well as stationary power back-up and storage applications. The instrumentation is able to safely and accurately characterize heat output and efficiency of the batteries in varying temperature, pressure, load and use conditions, providing precise and critical information previously unavailable. Temperature has a strong impact on performance, safety, and life of batteries. Temperature control is necessary to successfully operate lithium ion batteries, particularly for electric drive vehicles.

The IBC's innovations are complete thermal isolation (patented), the ability to test large cells and batteries, and the features needed to test high energetic batteries safely, providing a level of accuracy and functionality not seen in other calorimeters. Precisely measuring heat generation helps to cost-effectively optimize battery thermal-management systems, extend battery life and improve safety.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Measures heat signature of large format cells
  • Test small and large cylindrical, pouch and prismatic cells and other energy storage devices
  • Accurate heat measurements lead to better thermal management, improving performance, lifetime and safety of battery systems
  • Patented high power connections result in true battery heat measurements due to the elimination of heat losses
  • Independently measures charging and discharging efficiency over different temperature ranges and SOCs*
  • Calorimetric-driven development decreases time to market

Key Technical Data
  • Max Battery Size:
    • 12 x 8 x 6 (inches)
    • 30 x 20 x 15 (cm)
  • Max Power (heat):
  • Sensitivity:
    30 mW
  • Temperature Range:
    -30°C to 60°C
  • Baseline noise:
    5 mW
  • A/D:
    24 bit
  • Data Acquisition Range:
    10-20 hz
  • Heating/cooling:   
  • Isothermal bath:
    +/- 0.01°C
  • Enthalpy Accuracy:
    +/- 2%
  • Third Party Cycler:
    Turn-key Solutions Available
  • Pressure accuracy:
    5% FS (0-10 psi transducer), (0-70 kpa)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: IBC-284
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